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NPPC is the trade association for large business users of letter mail, primarily in First Class.  NPPC is committed to ensuring that a postal system to serve business mailers and the public comprehensively, effectively and efficiently be sustained.  With the Postal Service under severe financial stress, NPPC is working with Congress, USPS and the Postal Regulatory Commission, as well as other postal stakeholders, to achieve a solution that will address the
financial challenges.

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About NPPC

For more than thirty years the National Postal Policy Council has proudly represented a distinguished group of the largest and most prestigious mailers in the country.

During its thirty-plus years as a trade association, NPPC has addressed issues for the benefit of its members, the Postal Service and the users of the nation's mail system in general.

Through its quarterly meetings Council members have welcomed every permanent Postmaster General since 1982 and most of the top senior postal managers over the years.  These meetings have provided excellent opportunities for bonding together the strategic plans of USPS and leading mailers.

NPPC has also prominently participated in a myriad of major initiatives, ad-hoc groups to task forces to working committees, Postal Regulatory Commission proceedings, attacking specific challenges facing the nation's mail system.  And, the Council has maintained an active presence on Capitol Hill concerning pivotal postal matters.


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